lily silk button up dress with a buckle belt in brown silk, tailored high quality one of the best silk brands for summer 2024

Silk and the City: Best Dresses for a Stylish Summer Adventure

When it comes to summer fashion, nothing captures the essence of breezy sophistication quite like a silk dress. This season, the best silk dresses are not just about surviving the heat but thriving in it, turning every sidewalk into your personal runway. Whether you're slipping into something floral and flirty for a weekend brunch or donning a sleek, minimalist number for an evening soiree, these silk dresses are designed to make you feel effortlessly chic. Let's dive into the most coveted styles of the season that promise to keep you cool, stylish, and fabulously ready for any summer adventure. When rating the best summer silk dresses, we focus on quality, construction, color and print, and price. Quality is paramount, with a preference for pure, luxurious silk that feels smooth and durable. We examine the construction closely, ensuring straight seams, even hems, and high-quality embellishments. Vibrant, saturated colors and well-defined prints are essential, reflecting the artistic integrity of the dress. Additionally, the price must be justified by the fabric's quality and the garment's overall craftsmanship. Comfort is equally critical, encompassing feel and fit. A superior silk dress should drape effortlessly, offering a flattering silhouette without clinging. The fabric should feel like a gentle caress against the skin, ensuring breathability and temperature regulation, which is crucial for summer wear. We look for dresses that allow ease of movement, accommodating various body types with a range of sizes and cuts. By evaluating these factors, we ensure our recommended silk dresses provide both luxury and practicality, making them ideal for any summer occasion. Below are our favourites… LilySilk LilySilk stands out for its unwavering commitment to high-quality mulberry silk, crafting dresses that epitomize luxury and comfort. Known for classic silhouettes and sophisticated details, their designs are versatile enough for both day and evening wear. The breathable, smooth fabric ensures you stay cool and stylish all summer long. With celebrity fans like Anne Hathaway, Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez, LilySilk has become a go-to brand for effortless elegance. Silkinc Silkinc combines contemporary aesthetics with the timeless appeal of silk. Their dresses are known for innovative cuts and modern designs that cater to a fashion-forward clientele. With a focus on quality and affordability, Silkinc offers a range of vibrant colors and prints, perfect for making a statement. Reformation Reformation's silk dresses are the epitome of effortless chic, with sustainable practices at the heart of their brand. They offer a variety of feminine styles, from floral midis to sleek slip dresses, all crafted from eco-friendly silk that feels as good as it looks. Reformation ensures you don’t have to compromise on style or sustainability. Retrofete Retrofete is all about glamor and boldness, offering silk dresses that are perfect for making an entrance. Known for their intricate embellishments and dazzling designs, these dresses are crafted from high-quality silk that drapes beautifully. Retrofete is the go-to brand for show-stopping evening wear. Rixo Rixo merges vintage-inspired designs with contemporary appeal, creating silk dresses that are both playful and elegant. Their unique prints and hand-painted patterns make each dress a standout piece. With a focus on flattering fits and comfortable wear, Rixo dresses are ideal for adding a touch of whimsy to your summer wardrobe. Max Mara Max Mara’s silk dresses are the epitome of timeless elegance and sophisticated style. With their luxurious feel and impeccable tailoring, these pieces perfectly blend classic and contemporary fashion. Crafted from the finest silk, each dress drapes beautifully and feels incredibly soft against the skin. From sleek evening gowns to chic daytime dresses, Max Mara delivers understated luxury that effortlessly elevates your wardrobe. If you're looking for a go-to piece that exudes grace and refinement, a Max Mara silk dress is your answer. Loulou Studio Loulou Studio offers minimalist silk dresses that embody understated elegance. Their designs focus on clean lines, neutral tones, and impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece is made from luxurious silk that feels incredibly soft against the skin, making Loulou Studio a favorite for those who appreciate refined simplicity. Fleur Du Mal Fleur Du Mal is known for its sensual and sophisticated silk dresses that celebrate femininity. With a range of styles from flirty minis to elegant midis, each dress features exquisite details and a perfect fit. The silk fabric ensures a luxurious feel, making these dresses ideal for special occasions and intimate gatherings. Nili Lotan Nili Lotan's silk dresses exude effortless sophistication, characterized by sleek designs and a timeless aesthetic. The brand's commitment to high-quality silk and impeccable tailoring ensures each dress offers both comfort and style. Nili Lotan's pieces are perfect for those seeking versatile, elegant additions to their summer wardrobe.
a women's retro leather long line jacket from H&M for their capsule autumn collection perfect for the chic retro city girl

H&M Just Released The Studio's Autumn Mini Capsule

H&M has unveiled an exclusive sneak peek into their latest mini pre-fall capsule collection, designed to ease the transition from summer to autumn. Comprising five key looks, this collection aims to help fashion enthusiasts smoothly return to city life as the seasons change. Slated for an exclusive online release on August 29th, the capsule focuses on sustainability and timeless style, encouraging consumers to move away from fleeting trends. The collection emphasizes versatile day-to-night pieces crafted from durable materials like denim, leather, linen, and cotton. Ann-Sofie Johansson, head of design womenswear and creative advisor at H&M, explains, "This capsule was created for the window between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, when you return from vacation and want to ease yourself back into city life with a fresh look that still feels relaxed, versatile, and easy to wear." Key pieces include: Boyish Leather Jacket : A slightly elongated leather jacket that adds a touch of avant-garde elegance. Black Linen-Mix Suit : Designed one size up for ultimate relaxation and ease. Sculptural Tank Top : Perfectly paired with low-rise baggy jeans, a leather mini skirt, or sleek leggings, ideal for a fast-paced lifestyle. Mesh-Insert Mini Dress : The standout piece for late summer nights, easily elevated with pointed black leather slingbacks, a matching squashy bag, and a statement rhinestone earring. About H&M Studio H&M Studio represents the brand’s most fashion-forward and directional offerings. Launched in 2013, these limited-edition collections are developed by an in-house design team at H&M’s Stockholm atelier and are unveiled several times a year. Each collection embodies the cutting edge of style and innovation, consistently setting trends in the fashion world. As summer wanes and autumn approaches, H&M’s mini pre-fall capsule collection provides a seamless blend of comfort, versatility, and chic style, making it a must-have for those looking to refresh their wardrobe with sustainable and timeless pieces.
Ariana Grande is the new brand ambassador of the House of Swarovski. The iconic jewelry maker made a press statement

Ariana Grande Is The New Swarovski Brand Ambassador

Get ready to sparkle because Swarovski just dropped a bombshell that’s sending waves through the fashion world: Ariana Grande is officially the brand’s new ambassador and face of the House. Yes, you heard that right—the Grammy Award-winning powerhouse known for her jaw-dropping performances and sky-high vocal range is now partnering with the iconic jewellery brand. This is the kind of news that makes you want to reach for your glittery heels and celebrate. Ariana Grande, a true pop culture phenomenon, has evolved her style over the years in ways that always leave us breathless. From daring fashion choices to her fearless experimentation with bold makeup looks and statement jewellery, she’s become the poster child for inclusivity and empowerment. Ariana embodies joyful extravagance and unapologetic self-expression, making her the perfect muse for Swarovski. "I am thrilled to be Swarovski's Brand Ambassador," Ariana shared, her excitement practically leaping off the press release. "It's an honor to represent a House that shares my passion for creativity, pushes the boundaries beyond the world of jewelry, and promotes values of unapologetic self-expression. I cannot wait to embark on this journey and to inspire others to embrace their own unique sparkle." And let's not forget the words of Swarovski’s Global Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert, who couldn’t be more thrilled about the partnership: "Ariana’s charisma and positive energy resonate with Swarovski’s essence of bringing joy to the world. Ariana is a brilliant artist whose creativity shines through her song writing and vocal performances as well as her personal style. I look forward to engaging in inspiring creative dialogues together." This isn’t just a partnership; it’s a match made in fashion heaven. With Ariana Grande as the new face of Swarovski, expect a future filled with even more sparkle, innovation, and glamour. So, keep your eyes peeled and your jewellery boxes ready—because things are about to get a whole lot more fabulous.

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Paul & Shark release a new collection during Milan Fashion Week in celebration of Capri

Inside Paul & Shark’s SS25 Riviera Capri Collection

Hold onto your sun hats, fashionistas! Paul & Shark has unveiled their SS25 Riviera Capri collection, and it's as effortlessly chic as the island itself. For Spring/Summer 2025 Milan Fashion Week, Paul & Shark transported us straight to the heart of Capri, the most beloved gem of the Gulf of Naples, capturing its vibrant colours, lush prints, and unmistakable vibes. Picture this: in bustling Milan, the Terrazza Duomo was magically transformed into a slice of Capri. Think fragrant lemon trees, white and azure majolica tiles, blue-striped furnishings, and prints that perfectly blend the island's essence with Paul & Shark’s signature style. Guests were treated to an elegant corner of paradise, complete with an artist painting watercolours of Capri's iconic landscapes to the tune of Neapolitan folk music. Talk about setting the scene! The SS25 collection, showcased at Milan Fashion Week, is minimal chic perfection. Paul & Shark focused on materials, details, and colours that scream luxury and laid-back elegance. Imagine ultra-light swim shorts paired with silk polo shirts and soft, colourful linen shirts. The standout piece? A stunning print made with Liberty of London, capturing Capri's winding streets, blooming bougainvillea, historic buildings, and charming fishing boats. Paul & Shark’s summer journey along the Mediterranean continues, each year bringing a fresh take on the iconic Riviera style. This season, they’ve nailed the sun, sea, and sand trifecta, inspired by the rugged landscapes and relaxed vibes of Capri. And even if you can't be there in person, the new collection brings a taste of that idyllic lifestyle straight to you. During Milan Fashion Week, Paul & Shark took over a rooftop terrace with views of the Duomo, creating a serene oasis of wicker sofas, blue-striped furnishings, and fresh citrus sorbets. The soundtrack? Neapolitan folk music, naturally. This dreamy setup perfectly complemented the capsule collection, making it one of the week’s most talked-about events. From ultra-light swim shirts to silk polos and colourful linen shirts, each piece is designed to capture the essence of Capri. "Every single detail has inspired us," says Paul & Shark CEO Andrea Dini. "Capri is an iconic island, known worldwide for its unique colours and scents." This spirit of Capri aligns seamlessly with Paul & Shark's philosophy, rooted in a passion for the sea since its inception in northern Italy in 1976. Sustainability is also at the heart of Paul & Shark's mission. "For us, sustainability is a continuous path," explains Dini. "Our love for the oceans drives our commitment to sustainable materials, processes, and projects, without compromising on performance and style." This dedication is evident in their collaboration with Juvia, a chic eatery in Formentera, and their work with Vellmarì, an organization dedicated to protecting marine ecosystems. With the SS25 collection, Paul & Shark invites you to bask in la dolce vita, blending impeccable style with a heartfelt commitment to the planet. So sit back, soak up the sun, and let Paul & Shark whisk you away to the enchanting island of Capri, one chic piece at a time.

The Most Creative and Innovative Jewellery Brands Defining Style In 2024

Jewellery has always been a marker of status, power, and personal expression, evolving continuously through the ages. Today, this evolution has reached new heights, with innovative brands redefining luxury and style. From the darkly romantic creations of Shaun Leane to the whimsical, nature-inspired pieces by Wendy Yue, modern jewellery design merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, creating pieces that are as much works of art as they are fashion statements. This intersection of artistry and innovation is where the true essence of modern jewellery lies, reflecting not only the personal style of the wearer but also the cultural and societal influences of our times. In the high-stakes world of fashion, jewellery stands out as the ultimate expression of luxury. Discerning buyers now seek more than mere visual appeal; they demand quality and durability that ensure each piece can withstand the test of time. Brands like Bibi van der Velden and Fernando Jorge exemplify this meticulous attention to detail and use of premium materials. Moreover, the ethical considerations behind these creations are increasingly important, with designers like Ana Khouri championing sustainable practices. In a market where innovation and design reign supreme, it is the combination of artistic vision, cultural relevance, and unwavering commitment to quality that defines the most esteemed jewellery brands of today. Welcome to a world where brilliance is unbound, and the future of jewellery is dazzlingly bright. Here are our top picks: Maura Green Maura Green is celebrated for her sculptural approach to jewellery design. Her pieces often blend minimalist aesthetics with intricate craftsmanship, resulting in strikingly unique yet wearable art. Green’s use of bold forms and refined details exemplifies a modern sophistication that resonates with contemporary tastes. Shaun Leane Shaun Leane is renowned for his dramatic and avant-garde designs that merge dark romance with high fashion. Known for his collaborations with Alexander McQueen, Leane’s creations feature sharp angles, bold silhouettes, and a distinctive edge that pushes the boundaries of traditional jewellery design. Kuurth Kuurth stands out for its fusion of contemporary and classical elements, creating pieces that are both timeless and cutting-edge. The brand’s commitment to high-quality materials and innovative design ensures that each piece makes a unique statement, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. Mondo Mondo Mondo Mondo is celebrated for its eclectic and whimsical designs that often draw inspiration from art and vintage aesthetics. Known for using unconventional materials and techniques, Mondo Mondo’s jewellery exudes a playful yet sophisticated charm, making each piece a standout accessory. Kwiat Jewels Kwiat Jewels is celebrated for its timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship, blending classic design with modern sophistication. Known for their exquisite use of high-quality gemstones and meticulous attention to detail, Kwiat’s pieces are the epitome of refined luxury and enduring style. Casablanca Casablanca combines luxury with a touch of the exotic, creating jewellery that evokes a sense of glamour and adventure. The brand’s designs often feature bold gemstones and intricate metalwork, reflecting a fusion of opulence and modern elegance that appeals to the contemporary fashionista. German Kabirski German Kabirski is known for his avant-garde approach to jewellery, often incorporating elements of surrealism and the macabre. Kabirski’s pieces are characterized by their unique blend of raw, organic forms and intricate detailing, offering a distinctive edge in the world of high fashion jewellery. Wendy Yue Wendy Yue creates jewellery that is as whimsical as it is luxurious. Her designs often feature elaborate, nature-inspired motifs and intricate craftsmanship, resulting in pieces that are both fantastical and elegant. Yue’s work is a celebration of creativity and opulence. Bibi van der Velden Bibi van der Velden is acclaimed for her use of unconventional materials and artistic flair. Her jewellery often incorporates elements like mammoth tusk and baroque pearls, creating pieces that are both avant-garde and deeply personal, reflecting a commitment to both craftsmanship and originality. Elhanati Elhanati combines Nordic minimalism with Middle Eastern opulence, resulting in jewellery that is both elegant and distinctively textured. Known for its focus on quality and artisanal craftsmanship, Elhanati’s designs offer a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication. Delfina Delettrez Delfina Delettrez is known for her surreal and playful jewellery designs that often incorporate eye-catching elements like eyes and lips. Her innovative use of materials and unconventional designs create pieces that are both bold and intriguing, pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery. I'm Sorry By Petra Collins I'm Sorry By Petra Collins brings a fresh, contemporary perspective to jewellery design with a focus on bold, statement pieces. Petra Collins’ work often features playful and provocative elements, merging high fashion with a youthful, artistic sensibility. Ana Khouri Ana Khouri combines sculptural design with a commitment to sustainability, using Fairmined gold and ethically sourced materials. Her jewellery is characterized by its modern elegance and innovative approach, reflecting a dedication to both aesthetic beauty and environmental responsibility. Fernando Jorge Fernando Jorge is celebrated for his fluid and sensual designs that highlight the natural beauty of gemstones. His jewellery often features organic shapes and vibrant colors, creating pieces that are both luxurious and contemporary, resonating with those who appreciate modern elegance. Chopova Lowena Chopova Lowena blends playful, eclectic designs with a modern edge. Known for their use of vibrant colors and unconventional materials, Chopova Lowena’s jewellery reflects a youthful, rebellious spirit, making each piece a bold fashion statement. Suzanne Syz Suzanne Syz creates jewellery that is both whimsical and luxurious, often inspired by contemporary art and pop culture. Her bold, imaginative designs make use of vibrant gemstones and unconventional shapes, offering pieces that are as visually striking as they are stylish. Acne Studios Acne Studios extends its fashion-forward sensibility into jewellery with minimalist yet impactful designs. Known for their sleek, modern pieces that often feature subtle, geometric elements, Acne Studios offers jewellery that complements a contemporary, stylish wardrobe. Hannah Martin Hannah Martin is recognized for her edgy, androgynous designs that blend rock 'n' roll aesthetics with high fashion. Her jewellery often features bold, architectural shapes and a distinctive attitude, appealing to those who embrace a confident and unconventional style. Isabel Marant Isabel Marant integrates her signature bohemian chic into her jewellery designs, creating pieces that are both stylish and understated. Known for their relaxed elegance and modern edge, Isabel Marant’s jewellery complements her fashion-forward approach with effortless sophistication. Eéra Eéra stands out with its contemporary, industrial-inspired designs and vibrant enamel-coated metals. Known for their innovative use of color and texture, Eéra’s jewellery pieces are designed to make a bold, fashion-forward statement while maintaining a sense of modern luxury.
Mugler X Gentle Monster Sunglasses collaboration marks a new hit in the avant garden underground style for the iconic South Korean brand. After a successful collaboration with the Black Pink star - Jennie earlier this year

Mugler x Gentle Monster Sunglasses Collaboration

The Gentle Monster x Mugler collaboration has arrived, blending the unique styles of both brands into two standout pairs of sunglasses. This partnership combines Mugler’s signature spiral details with Gentle Monster’s bold aesthetic, resulting in eyewear that pushes the boundaries of design. The collection features two distinct styles: Spiral 01 and Spiral 02. Spiral 01 takes inspiration from Mugler’s 1997 ‘Les Insectes’ haute couture show, specifically the ‘Fourmis’ eyewear. Its geometric, goggle-shaped design offers a fresh take on modern eyewear. On the other hand, Spiral 02 has a contemporary edge, with embossed line details and a sleek chrome logo on the temples. Photographer Theo Liu shot the campaign, featuring models Colin Jones and Georgia Palmer. Liu’s direction nods to visual innovators like Helmut Newton and Manfred Thierry Mugler, giving the campaign a dynamic and timeless feel. The Gentle Monster x Mugler collection is available from July 18th through both brands’ online and offline stores, as well as select multi-brand shops globally. To celebrate the launch, special events will take place in Seoul and Shanghai, showcasing kinetic structures that highlight the identities of both brands. Mugler’s 1997 ‘Les Insectes’ show serves as a key inspiration for this collection. The show’s blend of organic and avant-garde elements is reflected in the new sunglasses, merging innovative design with a nod to the past. Gentle Monster: Bold and Innovative Eyewear Gentle Monster is known for its forward-thinking approach to eyewear, blending futuristic design with everyday wearability. The brand’s aesthetic is both bold and functional, making each piece a statement in itself. This collaboration with Mugler underscores Gentle Monster’s commitment to innovation and artistic expression. Mugler: A Fashion Powerhouse Mugler is a well-known name in fashion, celebrated for its bold designs and visionary approach. The brand consistently challenges fashion norms, embracing unique and futuristic styles. The ‘Les Insectes’ collection from 1997 is a perfect example of Mugler’s innovative spirit, blending intricate details with a forward-thinking vision. Together, Gentle Monster and Mugler have created sunglasses that reflect both brands’ styles while setting new standards in eyewear design. The Spiral 01 and Spiral 02 sunglasses offer a fresh, modern look that’s both innovative and wearable.