Pure Evil Art Gallery presented their artworks in the lobby of Me London Hotel for a fantastic night of entertainment in the heart of London

"Pure Evil" Solo Show - ME London Hotel - By Gone Rogue

Gone Rogue is transforming the sleek, black marble walls of ME London's Marconi Lounge into a vibrant canvas for the unmistakable Pure Evil. The renowned street artist, known for his striking and rebellious style, is taking over the space with "Gone Rogue," a solo exhibition that promises to be a visual feast. From iconic tagged canvases to neon installations, sculptures, and rare prints, Pure Evil’s work will redefine the lounge into a vibrant canvas showcasing his unique artistic vision. Art available to purchase here. Pure Evil, the alias of Welsh-born graffiti artist Charles Uzzell Edwards, brings a dynamic exploration of his street art roots to this exhibit. His rebellious screen prints and signature spray can drips extend beyond traditional gallery confines, creating a striking contrast that captivates both local art enthusiasts and international visitors. The Marconi Lounge, with its luxurious setting, will become a playground for Pure Evil’s art, offering an immersive experience like no other. Among the exhibition's standout features are Pure Evil's famous Fanged Bunnies, which will adorn not only the gallery walls but also windows and various surfaces throughout the space. These iconic creatures, along with portraits of celebrities like Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe depicted with signature dark tears, showcase the artist’s ability to blend haunting imagery with urban aesthetics. Whether you're a long time fan or new to Pure Evil’s work, this exhibition promises an engaging and unforgettable experience. Pure Evil’s journey in art began after a decade in California, where he designed clothes and printed t-shirts for the streetwear brand Anarchic Adjustment. Upon returning to London, he became involved in Banksy’s pop-up gallery concept, Santa’s Ghetto, and it was during this time that he began spraying his now-famous fanged bunny images across the city. His background in graffiti and street art is evident in his wide-ranging body of work, from his "Nightmare Series" to his daily street art missions in 2014. Founded by Kim Shaylor in 2018, Gone Rogue is an international art curation and consulting collective that has become a well-established partner in the hospitality sector. With over 50 artists and 30 successful exhibitions and curatorial projects globally, Gone Rogue has collaborated with high-profile names such as Fortnum & Mason, McLaren, Sushi Samba, Pikes, and The Prodigy. Their mission is to support both emerging and established artists, showcasing their work in unique and unconventional environments and making contemporary art accessible to all.

Urban Impressions: Private Viewing Press Night at The Yield Gallery in Soho

The Yield Gallery in Soho has just announced a highly anticipated private viewing press night, titled “Urban Impressions”. It features an exceptional lineup of renowned artists including Fern, Richard Hambleton, Mathew Marquis, Basquiat, Banksy, and Mr Controversial. "Urban Impressions" brings together some of the most influential and innovative artists in the genre. The event aims to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of street art while paying homage to the visionary works of these iconic artists. Highlighted Artists: 1. Fern: A British Painter Fern’s style displays the influence of a variety of contemporary painters and draws upon imagery from mid century posters. As a female artist Fern often demonstrates a joy in self assured femininity and female sexuality and expresses overt or implicit of the "man's world" in which she lives. Her rebellious art, combined with her free- spirited lifestyle, has made Fern a herald of today’s feminist culture that appeals to many contemporary collectors. 2. Richard Hambleton: Widely regarded as the godfather of street art a title he rejected began in 1976 with his mass murder series. Selling in cities across the world Richard Hambleton became an established artist.As Rochard became more established he began to paint on canvas, but fame didn’t satisfy Hambleton and by the nineties with a ever worsening drug habit he had fallen out of view. In 2011an exhibition touring milan, Moscow, cannes, paris then back to New York had catapulted Hambleton to high esteem and twice he appeared on the cover of Life magazine.in 2017 Oren Jacoby produced an award winning documentary shadowman which premiered at the TriBeca film festival. 3. Mathew Marquis: Matthew Marquis 42 is an American contemporary artist that inspires his oil paintings on canvas with a wide range of grotesque figures with bulging eyes, bulbous cheeks, proliferating limbs, and fractured faces evoke the allure and abjection of a carnival. Marquis has been painting for over 20 years in his hometown of Telford, Pennsylvania of the United States. The talented Marquis takes inspiration from artists including Pablo Picasso and George Condo integrating tenets of abstraction into a practice that ranges from macabre portraiture to more geometrical, less representational compositions. 4. Banksy: Arguably the most controversial street artist in the world, Banksy has developed an entire art subculture devoted to his works. Banksy’s art can impact any location at any given moment. His identity remains unknown, even after over 20 years of being involved with the graffiti scene. He has worked with many different types of street art media and street art types. His work not only includes many powerful, often controversial images, but they may also be found throughout the Internet as viral images. Banksy’s artwork has been seen across the world. His travels have included Australia, England, the United States, Israel, Jamaica, and even Canada. Most recently, he spent an entire month glamorising New York City with his street art, which grabbed the attention of thousands every day. The media and his supporters have always questioned Banksy’s identity due to a variety of identity claims. Most recently, many popular theories, including an entire newspaper publication, pointed his identity at being a Bristol native by the name of Robin Gunninham. If this is theory holds true, it will allow even greater insight into the artistic world Banksy inhibits. What is even more interesting is that he has managed to completely conceal his identity from his family. To this date, no Banksy identity claim has ever been definitive. Banksy’s artwork has been seen across the world, His travels have included Australia, England, the United States, Israel, Jamaica, and even Canada. Most recently, he spent an entire month glamorizing New York City with his street art, which grabbed the attention of thousands every day 5. Mr Controversial: Mr Controversial has been mentioned as the “one to watch” when it comes to rising artistic talent in the UK. He is hot off the back of multiple sell-out exhibitions and collections and has amassed a solid collector base that includes established collectors and a few well-known celebrities. Early on in his artistic career he raised eyebrows and quickly became known for his twist of vintage pulp imagery with funny, relatable captions. Most recently, the artist has been working on his new typographical oil paintings which are equally as bold, witty and riddled with truisms that we can all relate to. Due to the sharable nature of his work, it often goes viral and he aims to hit the sweet spot between social media viral content and contemporary fine art. From his new collection, you can expect oil paintings with deep textures, vibrant colours satirical messages which the artist will be releasing through a handful of entrusted selected galleries globally. "Urban Impressions" promises to be an evening filled with creativity, inspiration, and artistic exploration. The Yield Gallery in Soho is known for its commitment to showcasing groundbreaking contemporary art. With its chic and modern setting, it provides the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary event, where art enthusiasts, collectors, and the press can come together to celebrate the world of urban art.

Mr. Controversial Private View "Oat Milk Drinking Twat"

Mr Controversial has been mentioned as the " one to watch " when it comes to emerging artistic talent in the UK. His recent track record includes multiple sell-out exhibitions and collections, attracting a dedicated collector base that includes both established collectors and a few well-known celebrities. Early in his artistic journey, he made waves by combining vintage pulp imagery with humorous and relatable captions. Most recently, the artist has been focusing on creating new bold and witty typographical oil paintings, infused with universal truths that resonate with a wide audience.Thanks to the shareable nature of his work, it often goes viral, and his aim is to hit the sweet spot between social media viral content and contemporary art. His new collection promises oil paintings characterized by rich textures, vibrant colors, and satirical messages, which the artist will be releasing through a handful of entrusted galleries globally. Drawing from his professional experience in the advertising industry working on campaigns for a variety of brands, his creative work stems from a passion for crafting captivating visuals, communication through design, behavioural science and marketing psychology. He humorously tackles the challenges arising from the digital age and the personal frustrations associated with our social media-centric world. When describing his work Mr Controversial says: Each piece should be instantly relatable to the viewer, as if you have stumbled upon something that hits the nail on the head of your own everyday life, making the ordinary extraordinary & hilariously absurd. I want to create art that speaks to people on a personal level (the inner you) as if I know something about them that nobody else does. Behind the beautiful imagery is a dark story about yourself, just waiting to be discovered. When asked about his artistic process: When I’m not creating in my London studio, I spend many hours in my favourite coffee shops sketching out ideas and wrestling with concepts that have been rattling around in my head. Many people come in and out throughout the day and I like to earwig in on conversations, deconstruct them, and almost psychoanalyse them. I then put them back together with a funny twist and use that as a basis for a piece of art, I then set about creating the imagery around the caption. A lot of my work is based on conversations I’ve personally listened in on or things I’ve seen on social media posts or comments. I always try to find a funny angle, especially with stuff that’s often quite dark. I have a fearless approach to my work, whether that’s taking the piss out of oat milk drinkers, social media influencers, online dating or our own insecurities that rattle around in our minds fuelled by advertising, consumerism and capitalism.​ In a world where nothing is truly original, I can only create art that is authentic to me. I guess that’s what makes your art truly valuable. My work, my ideas, my worldview, my commentary on the world we live in. I believe great artists are commentators and a voice of the times in which they create, their work serves as a snapshot and a window into that specific time in history for future generations to make sense of when they look back. ... In the year 2123 when someone comes across a piece from my 2023 collection entitled; ‘Oat Milk Drinking Twat’ (in either a museum or a skip depending on how successful my art career was), they’ll hold it up as a turning point in milk consumption, shifting consumer attitudes towards mass industrial farming and realise that this beautifully branded crushed oat juice was the trojan horse in the rise of veganism, putting it in nearly every fridge in the UK... well, hopefully.

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Barbicore - A new solo exhibition from Emma Gibbons

Gone Rogue, founded by Kim Shaylor in 2018, is an international art curation and consultancy collective that supports emerging and established artists. Their mission is to champion artists, encourage growth and experimentation, and promote diversity in the art world. With over 50 artists and a track record of successful exhibitions and projects worldwide, Gone Rogue has established itself as a respected art partner, collaborating with renowned brands like McLaren, Sushi Samba, and The Prodigy. They provide comprehensive advisory services, from concept development to artwork commissioning and installation. One of the standout artists associated with Gone Rogue is Emma Gibbons, whose exceptional success in 2022 with a sell-out solo show in Piccadilly has led to a larger and brighter exhibition at the Gone Rogue Gallery. Her latest exhibition, titled "Barbiecore," celebrates the extravagant legacy of Barbie, inspired by the iconic doll's hues. The exhibition opens three days before London Pride and coincides with the premiere of the Barbie Movie in London, creating a vibrant celebration of all things pink, sparkly, and delightfully camp. Interestingly, Margot Robbie, the lead actress in the Barbie Movie, is not only a collector but also a fan of Emma Gibbons. Robbie purchased one of Gibbons' earlier Barbie-inspired artworks, which now hangs on the wall of her production company's office. With Robbie's endorsement and Gibbons' iconic art pieces like the Parfum bottles and popsicles on display, the exhibition is highly anticipated. Gibbons' recognizable signature technique involves using hundreds of pill capsules filled with glitter and coloured powder set in resin, arranged into slogans, and poured into perfume bottles. In this exhibition, Gibbons adds dollhouse miniatures and various Barbie doll paraphernalia to the mix. Additionally, limited edition Barbie Parfum artworks, featuring polymer clay hearts and confetti, will be released in May 2023. ME London Hotel, known for its reputation as a hub for both emerging and established artists, has formed an exceptional partnership with Gone Rogue, resulting in a series of remarkable exhibitions that further enhance the hotel's acclaim. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to experience the camp and captivating "Barbiecore" art exhibition at ME London. The hotel offers more than just accommodation; it is an architectural masterpiece bursting with art, music, design, and fine cuisine. Located in the vibrant Covent Garden district, ME London immerses guests in a lively atmosphere with theaters, pubs, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and live music. It is undoubtedly one of the most energetic and lively places in the world.
Tiffany Anna Presents Her NFT's for Millennials - featuring a painting of a monkey

NFTs For Millennials: Tiffany Anna Invites Visitors To Buy Art Through VR Headset In London Exhibition

Bold and colourful artist Tiffany Anna, who has already captured the attention from the likes of Randi Zuckerberg – sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – is presenting her first exhibition in London this September. TA X LDN (10-28th September 2022) is Tiffany’s first physical and virtual display of her much-anticipated NFT collections. Although Tiffany was drawn to the NFT space, she was sceptical of the male dominated industry at first. With just 16% of women in the NFT art market space, ArtTactic’s 2021 report is telling. So how can we help diversify the crypto space? Guernsey born Tiffany Anna might have the answer. After seeing @sarabaumann create @womenandweapons and how the community is embracing #WomenInNFTs Tiffany’s eyes were opened to a new world and the endless possibilities with Web3. “I am going to start by releasing four collections of four physical-backed NFTs over the next 18 months, with the aim to reinvest in myself and build up towards my very own fully digital NFT collection.” A female pioneer, the TA X LDN collection features 125 NFT works, curated in the form of a virtual reality metaverse, alongside 40 large-scale physical paintings and prints. Through her bright and ballsy artworks, Tiffany’s work presents a mixture of quirky animal paintings alongside an ultraviolet glow-in-the-dark experience. Visitors can immerse themselves in the real exhibition space, while virtual reality goggles will allow visitors to view – and buy – the new NFT artworks. Tiffany’s aim? To cross the bridge from physical into digital art and be part of the amazing community of creators and collectors. With 125 virtual mini cosmoses, and 125 physical mini cosmoses, it is an interactive experience like no other. The art changes with one flick of the light switch. With the light on, the cosmoses are breath-taking. With UV light on, however? It is ethereal, plunged into swirling blue and purple lights. Nebula A to I, are part of the Mini Cosmos collection, and are available to purchase now. Each of the 125 NFTs come with the original piece too! With a 35% growth in NFT sales expected in the next five years, Tiffany is part of a digital revolution. She is not just reshaping art, but she is also exploring the socio-techno constructs of gender and sexuality through liberating art. Tiffany’s previous collection ‘All of Me’ in collaboration with Guernsey Mind’ focused on ‘human nude bodies’ to present body positivity. 100% of the exhibition’s proceeds were donated to Guernsey Mind, a nod to Tiffany’s charitable endeavours. Although the subject of ‘mental health, body image, and feminism’ isn’t necessarily explored at TA X LDN, she is helping to diversify the NFT space. In a conversation with National World’ she said, “There are a lot of women in the NFT space, and I think one day they could take it over.” She expands and mentions how NFT’s aren’t as niche as people might think. “One of the first contacts I made was a mum from New Jersey”. Despite NFT’s growing appeal, critics see NFT’s as a ‘purely financial endeavour’. To counteract this claim, animal lover Tiffany Anna is giving 10% of proceeds from the exhibition to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. It makes sense given that she worked with animals in Italy for 6 years after studying at art school. Her love for animals is clear at TA X LDN. With 40 paintings and limited-edition prints of brightly coloured animals including The Moon Queen, Pink Panther, and David Bowie Monkey, her passion shines brightly. Displaying her signature graffiti style, these are predominantly created using acrylic mixed with gold leaf, gems, gutta fabric pens, spray paint and super-lit powder. Each piece is made completely differently as Tiffany says, “there is no method to my madness, just creative, messy fun”. Speaking of creativity, up-and-coming artist Tiffany has it in spades. Although she went to art school, she developed her artistry during lockdown. Inspired by bold colours including duck egg blues, fuchsia pinks and cobalt, her art takes the ordinary, and turns it into something extraordinary. She finds inspiration through looking at wallpaper trends, taking note of their often wild and wacky colour combinations. After all, she loves anything slightly crazy and is always up for trying something new that glows or shines. Tiffany adds: “I am super excited about popping up in Chelsea. I am very lucky that my artwork has been so well received in Guernsey and am looking forward to seeing what people in London think as well. I absolutely love colour and my dream is to create artwork that makes people smile both inside and out. I also love making artwork that has other dimensions. I use the glowiest glow pigment to create my cosmos pieces, and also the blackest black too. I use gems and also the best gold leaf to finish off my pieces.’’ We can’t wait to see what she does next! Address: Tiffany Anna: TA X LDN exhibition takes place 10th-28th September 2022 at 340 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR. For more information, please visit https://tiffany.gg/ Author Bio Ana De-Jesus is a multi-award-winning lifestyle blogger over at https://fadedspring.co.uk/ . She is also a renowned copywriter, and freelance journalist, who specializes in lifestyle, culture, fashion, and entertainment. Ana has worked with clients including TripAdvisor, Disney, MIND, Lavazza, National Gallery, and Very UK. Ana specializes in blogging, social media, copywriting, and influencer outreach. However, outside of her freelance writing business, she also works in events, including events management and coordination. Ana has been featured in publications including Cosmopolitan UK and is ranked in the top 15 UK blogs, and websites in the UK. She has also won Best British Blogger, Best Storyteller, and Freelance Newcomer to name a few.