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Prada Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Campaign

Yesterday Prada released their ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2024 with a selection of over 40 portraits showcasing individuality and taking inspiration from cinematography. This wouldn't be a fashion campaign without a few familiar names featured across the ad - HARRIS DICKINSON, KELVIN HARRISON JR. , TROYE SIVAN. The press release stated - In an era dominated by contrived narratives and curated lifestyles, the Prada Spring/Summer 2024 campaign emerges as a reaffirmation of timeless values. It signals a return to the essence of fashion – clothing woven into the fabric of life, encapsulated in the living procession of the fashion show. This campaign extends the narrative of that fleeting runway moment, transforming it into a season-long exploration. Leveraging Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons' September runway presentation as a catalyst, the campaign delves into the ecosystem of the fashion show, a complex tapestry that simultaneously expresses individuality and community, the ephemeral and the everlasting. The medium itself becomes the message, part of an ongoing quest to answer fundamental questions about the role of fashion in our daily lives. Renowned photographer Willy Vanderperre captures a sequence of honest and pure portraits, delicately poised between spontaneous intimacy and elegant formalism. These portraits, featuring all 40 models from the show – a mix of familiar faces and new talents, focus on each woman individually. Prada emphasizes the significance of each model, highlighting her presence and agency through singular portraits that address ever-evolving notions of femininity. These images amplify a dichotomy between the singular and the collective, portraying both individuality and a connection to a broader narrative. They mirror the procession of the fashion show itself while engaging in a broader conversation about fashion as both a symbol of belonging and a reflection of personality. Prada serves as a reminder that the fashion profession is a collective endeavor. Likewise, cinema embodies both collective collaboration and individual expression, with actors valued for their unique abilities. Continuing the tradition of Hollywood actors embodying the Prada man, the campaign features three internationally acclaimed actors and creatives: Harris Dickinson, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Troye Sivan. Celebrating their personal characters, the campaign showcases these individuals as protagonists of their own narratives, framed alongside each other to highlight the intersection of their distinctive personas. HARRIS DICKINSON Commencing his career with Eliza Hitman’s acclaimed Sundance film Beach Rats (2017), British actor Harris Dickinson received nominations for the Independent Spirit Award in the categories of ‘Best Male Lead’ and ‘Breakthrough Actor’ at The Gotham Awards. His diverse filmography includes notable works such as County Lines (2021), The King's Man (2021), The Souvenir: Part II (2021), and the Palme D’or winning and Academy Award-nominated film Triangle of Sadness (2022). Presently, he graces the screen in the FX miniseries A Murder at the End of the World (2023) and stars in Sean Dirkin's latest film, The Iron Claw (2023). In 2022, Harris received a BAFTA Rising Star award nomination. KELVIN HARRISON JR. Embarking on his acting journey in 2013, American actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. gained recognition with his role as Travis in A24’s 2017 horror film It Comes at Night. He continued to make waves with lead roles in Luce and Waves (2019), and the 2023 film Chevalier. Upcoming projects include portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Genius: MLK/X and taking on the role of Scar in Disney’s live-action Lion King prequel Mufasa, both scheduled for release in 2024. Kelvin has been honored with a Screen Actors Guild Award and received nominations for a British Academy Film Award, Gotham Award, and Independent Spirit Award. TROYE SIVAN Grammy-nominated Australian singer-songwriter and actor Troye Sivan achieved global acclaim with his third album, Something to Give Each Other, named one of the Best Albums of 2023 by over thirty esteemed media outlets. Sivan's acting career kicked off with the portrayal of the younger Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and the lead role in the Spud film trilogy (2010–2014). His filmography also includes Three Months (2022), the MAX series The Idol (2023), and Boy Erased (2019), where he not only acted but also wrote and performed an original song nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

January 4th, 2024
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AU79 Showcase A New Jewellery Collection During Paris Fashion Week

AU79 introduces their latest jewellery collection inspired by the enchanting Mediterranean, unveiling it at Paris Fashion Week. This exquisite jewellery brand takes its name from the periodic chemical element of gold in its purest state. Embracing the essence of nature, AU79 presents a captivating aesthetic with designs reminiscent of rocks, organic wooden structures, and the breathtaking allure of the Mediterranean Sea. Breaking away from conventional norms, this gender-neutral brand draws inspiration not only from idyllic islands but also from ancestral tales and traditions. The chosen shade of gold echoes the mesmerizing hues found along the Mediterranean coastline, evoking the warm tones of sand and rugged rocks. Each piece in our collection carries profound significance, often influenced by the rich history of the Mediterranean region or the cherished narratives passed down within our own families. Credits: Photography - Abhishek Bhatt Models - Reyes, Sandra, Adrian & Mike AU79 Jewellery - Stephanie Seychell Instagram @au79finejewellery

February 24th, 2023
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Luis Hidalgo Artist Interview

Luis Hidalgo is a fine art and illustration artist living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. With a strong background in Fashion design, his body of work ( using both digital and traditional media ) deals mostly with humor and his own very caricaturesque point of view. Hi Luis. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, I am really excited to get to know your practice as an artist. Thank you so much for your interest in my work, this is such an honour. How are you today? Fine thanks, a bit tired after catching up on all Drawing Cabaret Couture´s sessions for London Fashion Week, but overall very happy with all the wonderful results. Tell us a little about yourself I’m an illustrator living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, right in the middle of the Caribbean. I´m a teacher at my Alma Mater ( Chavón/ La Escuela de Diseño ), where I’ve been teaching Fashion Illustration/ Drawing for the last 20 years. I have worked for many local brands/ designers and also for a few international blogs. Did you study art or are you self-taught? I have an AD in Fashion design, and prior to that, I went to College for Advertising/ Graphic Design. I have always enjoyed drawing and loved fashion. Growing up in the 80s with all the hype about music and fashion made me fall in love with fashion design, and made it possible to attend Fashion school later on. I have always been intrigued by why people wear the clothes they wear and why do they buy them. How the clothes one wears can be a way of self expression. Your style is very distinct and whenever I see photos of your art I can instantly recognise it. What are your biggest influences and how did you develop your style? Thank you. I remember watching a story about Antonio on TV and falling in love with his work, and also realizing that Fashion Illustration, as a career, existed so one could say he is quite an influence. I also look at the work of many contemporary illustrators like Melanie Reim, Carlos Aponte, Helen Bullock, Bill Donovan just to name a few. Instagram has also introduced me to the work of many fascinating artists. As for my style, I draw every day. I´m a Taurus so I´m pretty routine oriented, but I’m also quite stubborn. I like to challenge myself by not doing things the same way all the time, especially when it comes to techniques and materials. I approach fashion drawing with a story in my head, about the clothes or the character wearing them, and try to convey that storytelling through my drawing. It can be as subtle as the direction the figure´s eyes look back at you or as complicated as a really intricate texture rendering. It´s all about creating a story and communicating a feeling. Could you walk me through your art making process? I always draw with music. Most of the time I look for music that relates (at least in my head) to what I want to draw. Also, lighting incense is a plus. For DCC´s classes, I use an iPad, which is relatively new to me but has given me the benefit of saving/ sharing the result in high definition, skipping the hassle of taking photographs or scanning. And since I am in the middle of moving to another apartment, most of my art materials are still stored in a box… somewhere. So the iPad has been a real blessing. Took some time to get the hang of it, but then again, I´m quite stubborn. What is your favourite piece of art you have made? Well, there have been many. I find that I really enjoy when the drawing takes a life of its own, and just flows. Drawing digitally I challenge myself not to erase, and that really has injected energy into my drawings. I really enjoyed the last pieces I did from Drawing Cabaret Couture´s London Fashion Week 5 day classes, mostly because the variety of designers allowed me to experiment with different solutions and graphic approaches to the figure. I also attend a few online figure drawing groups and really love what I have been able to make. Do you have a muse and how do you find inspiration? Many muses, not just one. Quite often I get obsessed with a style, a person, or an era, and begin researching and collecting images. Currently obsessed with German expressionism and the Weimar Era. I read a lot of literature which helps unleash my imagination. Would you share with us some of your artworks from the Drawing Cabaret Couture London Fashion Week classes? Glad to. I think Drawing Cabaret Couture´s classes really encompass what I mention previously - the sets, the playlists, the clothes and the models are always so inspiring. Week after week they have managed to wow me, even though for work/ time zone differences I often have to watch the catchup videos.

March 1st, 2022