Yenesai's "40 WARRIORS OF THE SUN" Runway Show SS25

Yenesai’s latest collection emerges from the desert biome, presenting fresh challenges and innovative solutions. The collection emphasizes color theory, soft and silky fabrics, refined basics, and explorative accessories, all designed with the future nomad in mind. These garments respect the necessity for clothing that enables action and movement.

As the nomad adapts to this new environment, they gather resources like crystals and essential oils. Yenesai introduces a new iteration of their classic canister bag in clear resin, showcasing these harvested materials. Advances in their 3D-printed accessories include the cyborg hand clasp and a streamlined version of their eyewear, available in new colors and with an improved design.

The environment begins to influence the nomad, who either harmonizes with or is consumed by it. This relationship is illustrated through shiny, flecked fabrics, iridescent insert panels, and gemstone-inspired textures and color combinations. The show culminates in strong leather looks, highlighting qualities present throughout the collection: intricate and flattering paneling, armor-style layering, and strategically placed inserts for enhanced mobility.

Brand bio:

Yenesai combines a futuristic vision with ancestral nomadic values. The brand's name is inspired by the Yenesai River, one of the world's longest rivers and a lifeline for countless ancient nomadic cultures, including those of our founder's ancestors. Reflecting this heritage, Yenesai clothing is designed to support its wearer in any environment, from dense urban landscapes to desolate wilderness.

Our designs feature technical fabrics and striking silhouettes, embodying luxury with a sharpened edge. Based in London, Yenesai serves a global community always on the move.

Yenesai is more than a fashion brand; it's a community for like-minded travelers. We bring together creatives from various fields, fostering collaboration at our retreats in Ibiza and events in Tokyo. These gatherings push the boundaries of artistic expression and strengthen our creative family.

Deyvid Dimitrov
London-based content creator and editor of Goldfoil magazine.