The Most Popular Sneakers In 2024

Summer in the UK this year seemed to make an appearance as brief as a pop-up shop—blink, and you missed it. With the fleeting sunshine behind us, it's time to shift our attention to something that promises to stick around longer: the best trainers of 2024. This season’s collection of kicks is not just about stepping out in style; it's about finding the perfect blend of design, affordability, comfort, and durability. Our editorial team has scoured the sneaker landscape to bring you the hottest picks, whether they’re trending for their cutting-edge looks, boasting unbeatable comfort, or becoming the must-have item that’s nearly impossible to snag. Get ready to explore the trainers that are defining 2024, ensuring your footwear game remains strong regardless of the weather.

Kendal Jenner seen wearing white adidas Samba in late 2022, at the beginning of the trend, two years later adidas samba remain at the top of the list for the best trainers of the year

Adidas Samba

The moment you clicked, you knew the Adidas Samba would be on the list. Yes, they are still popular. They’re easy to style, comfortable, and come in many colours, making them a top choice. The Samba’s timeless design proves some classics never go out of style. You can grab a pair here, £77.

The tennis trend in fashion started in early february during autumn winter presentations at fashion week, and as more and more brands roll out their take on tennis inspired clothing, accessories and shoes, the tennis sneaker trend takes a chokehold on the fashion world with the iconic reebok club c selling out virtually everywhere


A standout trend in 2024 is tennis-core trainers. These sleek, minimalist sneakers draw inspiration from classic tennis shoes, combining elegance with functionality. Perfect for a sporty, chic look, they offer superior comfort and support, making them ideal for all-day wear.
Our pick is the Reebok Club C. You can grab them here, £70.

There is no other pair of shoe that we have seen as much on the streets of London in 2024 as we have the ON pair, especially the pure white. having spoken with a ton of people everyone is of the opinion that these trainers are stylish, comfortable and lightweight, and are a step away from the oversized chunky trainers we got so used to wearing the past few years

The ON shoe craze

Sneakers from ON have become the official cool-girl sporty shoe. Known for their low-profile design and wide array of colors, ON shoes epitomize casual chic. This year's tan iteration offers a stylish alternative to white sneakers, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality.
You can get a pair here, £150.

golden goose women's marathon sneakers are one of our favourite pairs on the market especially for summer 2024

Sneakers with a silver element

One of the most striking trends in 2024 footwear is sneakers with a silver element. These metallic accents bring a futuristic flair to any outfit, blending high fashion with everyday wearability. Silver elements, from sleek overlays to bold reflective panels, make these sneakers visually stunning and versatile.
Our pick is the Golden Goose Women's Marathon sneakers. You can get them here, £461.

adidas x wales bonner with their posters, billboards and ads have grabbed the entire world and now literally every millennial and gen z has at least one pair

Adidas x Wales Bonner

A noteworthy collaboration this year is Adidas x Wales Bonner. This partnership blends Adidas' iconic sportswear with Wales Bonner's unique aesthetic. Inspired by 1970s Afro-Caribbean style, these sneakers feature intricate details, bold colours, and mixed textures, making them a stylish and meaningful addition to your 2024 sneaker collection. You can grab a pair here, from £1000

the classis air jordan I is one of the best sneaker and has been for over 20 years, they come in a variety of colours are comfortable and are so easy to style

The Air Jordan I

The Air Jordan I continues to captivate sneaker enthusiasts with its nostalgic charm and iconic status. As one of the most celebrated sneakers in history, its timeless design and cultural significance keep it perpetually in style, making it a must-have for both collectors and casual wearers in 2024. You can grab the Air Jordan Satin Red here, £110.

school nostalgia hit even gen-z as they enter the work force, and they become more creative on reliving those memories with the vans knu skool sneakers paired with stocking, jumpers, mini skirts

School Nostalgia

Generation Z effortlessly blends modern trends with nostalgic elements, evident in their choice of footwear like the Vans Knu Skool and Adidas Campus. These sneakers epitomize the trend of pairing contemporary fashion with retro vibes, showcasing Gen Z's unique approach to style.
You can grab the Knu Skool trainers here, from £100.