Seaside Los Jameos: Where Sport Meets Splendour in an Island Paradise

A full sea view of the Los Jameos hotel located in the heart of Lanzarote in the canary islands is perfect for your next holiday for summer 2024

Nestled on the ethereal southeast coast of Lanzarote, Seaside Los Jameos offers a unique luxury tennis experience amidst breathtaking volcanic landscapes and serene seascapes. This lavish haven, situated between the awe-inspiring Timanfaya and Los Volcanes parks, combines the thrill of sports with unparalleled relaxation, making it a premier destination for discerning travellers.

Lanzarote, the fourth largest of the Canary Islands, is famed for its otherworldly volcanic terrains, evoking a sense of walking on the moon. Within this enchanting setting, Seaside Los Jameos stands out as a sanctuary for tennis enthusiasts year-round, offering a blend of rigorous training and indulgent leisure under the radiant sun.

A Tennis Paradise

At the heart of Seaside Los Jameos lies the prestigious Peter Burwash International Tennis School, offering an array of tennis experiences tailored to every skill level. From intensive tennis camp weeks and thrilling tournaments (€10 participation fee) to personalized tennis lessons (€48 per hour), guests can refine their game with top-tier coaching. For those who prefer a more autonomous approach, courts can be reserved for €9 per hour during the day and €11 per hour at night, with racket and ball rentals available at €3 per hour.

The resort’s tennis facilities feature impeccably maintained clay and hard courts, allowing players to choose their preferred surface. Complemented by the island's blue skies and balmy weather, Seaside Los Jameos provides an ideal setting for tennis holidays in Lanzarote.

Tailored Coaching Excellence

Seaside Los Jameos prides itself on its expert coaching team, dedicated to helping players enhance their skills and techniques. Whether you're a novice learning the basics or an advanced player seeking to refine your game, the resort offers a range of programs from personalized one-on-one lessons to engaging group clinics. Each session is meticulously crafted to meet individual needs and goals, ensuring a transformative and enriching experience for all.