Pam Hogg SS24 ‘Apocalypse - Dedicated to Sinead O’Connor

Deyvid Dimitrov
Deyvid Dimitrov
September 22nd, 2023 1 mins to read

Pam Hogg presented her SS24 collection titled “Apocalypse”, dedicated to Synead O’Connor, which she compares to Joan of Arc, and says to have resembled a similar fate - burning at the stake. Known as the "Caledonian Queen of Cling," she defied fashion norms with provocatively punk and original designs using counterculture materials like PVC and leather-infused jerseys with leather, gold lurex, sheer mesh, and metallics, many of which she has been repurposing for over two decades. Her clothes made it into the wardrobes of stars like Kate Moss and Lady Gaga, and the walls of prestigious art galleries around the world.

Photography by Ki Price