Mithridate AW24 - Vita Aeterna - London Fashion Week

Deyvid Dimitrov
Deyvid Dimitrov
February 16th, 2024 1 mins to read

In a mediaeval and atmospheric setting, Mithridate’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection Vita Aeterna, was brought to life. This season, Creative Director, Demon Zhang, explores themes of individual existence and diverse forms of coexistence between humans and nature in three parts: Time, Identity and Fate. 

Commencing with the theme of Time, notable elements encompass opulent velvets, metallic finishes, embellished embroidery, and intricate three-dimensional floral patterns. Shifting to Identity, the creative inspiration derives from enigmatic marine creatures bathed in crimson, coral pink, and rose gold, incorporating leather weaves, meticulously hand-cut flowers, chain hardware, and intricate rhinestone embellishments. The concluding concept, Fate, centers around cool moonlight tones reminiscent of shattered glass, effortlessly blending surreal elements into modern fashion, all the while reflecting on the interplay between fantasy and destiny.

The brand continues to embrace the "More is More," spirit, with Mithridate’s iconic Moth motif threaded throughout via pattern, accessories and shape. Meanwhile, elements such as juniper, beetles, coral and bees, are skillfully integrated into the stitching with both innovative and artisan techniques, as well as mimicking the human body, forming a metaphorical representation of the complex connection between the body, nature and life.


Highlighting some standout pieces from the collection, notable looks include an asymmetrically cut embellished jacket in black and silver, complemented by a floor-length scarf in deep sea blue wrapped around the neck. Another striking ensemble features a metallic gold gown adorned with meticulously hand-cut flowers. Additionally, there is a captivating set featuring a zip-up deep blue jacket adorned with floral motifs, paired with a mermaid tail skirt that gracefully follows the body's contours and extends out, creating an intricate and flowing silhouette.

This stunning black leather floor length dress features hand-cut floral elements which carefully reveal red underlining.

One of the finale looks featured this voluminous purple velvet dress with big rings at the sleeves which create further texture and amplify the silhouette.