Mark Fast Presented his "Dawn to Dusk" Collection for SS24 at London Fashion Week

Deyvid Dimitrov
Deyvid Dimitrov
September 21st, 2023 1 mins to read

Mark Fast delivers a street style celebration of colour to the catwalk of London Fashion Week for his Spring Summer 2024 collection. Titled “ Dawn to Dusk” it reminds us of nature’s timeless beauty with a touch of futuristic allure; as it seamlessly blends the mystique of desert landscapes with the promise of a vibrant dawn and the serenity of the evening.


As the models step on the runway, we are presented wtih an array of expertly crafted looks, the first one being an all-black knit dress, featuring chunky knots which get finer reaching the legs and this way complimenting the body and creating this slim and tall silhouette. Or a long puffer jacket complimented by a paneled top revealed underneath in multiple shades of blue grabbing inspiration from the night skies and making sure you are warm in the desert’s nights.

Guided by a profound appreciation for life's ever-changing rhythms, Fast's expertise shines through in carefully chosen linen blends, elastic stretch fabrics, and fresh light-weight denim. These materials ensure comfort under the scorching sun while embracing the chill of desert nights. Unisex designs and crochet beaded demi-couture pieces offer a versatile and elegant adaptability.


The colour palette pays homage to the desert's enchanting beauty – from the vivid evening skies to sun-kissed denim, all accented by electrifying neon tones. Signature monogram accessories and futuristic canvas shoes add a contemporary edge, blending the past seamlessly with the future.


This collection is designed for spirited youth culture, the trailblazers who revel in the desert's allure and embrace the vibrant dance of life. It effortlessly marries vintage aesthetics with modern flair, reflecting the dynamic spirit of those who live life with unapologetic zest.