Louis Vuitton Men's Autumn/Winter 2024 Runway Show

Deyvid Dimitrov
Deyvid Dimitrov
January 16th, 2024 1 mins to read

Arguably one of the most anticipated fashion shows of the global men's schedule is at Louis Vuitton, and all the eyes are on Pharrell WIlliams, who is presenting his third collection for the superbrand.

Upbeat tribal music opened up the show and models started walking down the runway, which was set in a Mid-West village in the mountains during Winter time. Gigantic Louis Vuitton trunks were wheeled throughout the collection showcasing new colour combinations of the season.

The first look featured a long white coat with leaf embroidery and a fringe, with a creamy white pussy-bow tie shirt and denim jeans. An important detail is the icy blue buttons on the shirt, which is a colour often referenced through this collection as an accent in an overall muted collection, dominated by greys, browns and oranges.

Of particular interest were heavily ornamented pieces throughout the collection and their more utilitarian and formal aesthetic, silky shirts, blazers and jacket, taking the Louis Vuitton brand away from the streetwear realm that it so conveniently inhabited for the past 8 years.

Double denim was featured on multiple instances during the collection which references workwear, and as a styling component, there were chain necklaces and big pendants with a huge LV monogram. To create a bit more a silhouette, and break the double denim, the looks are styled with brown leather belts, brown leather jackets, or bags.

Titled Paris x Virginia, it is an interesting clash between high European luxury and more traditional and classical Western fashion which was trying to fit in between tailored suits with sneakers and fur coats with Charleston trousers and cowboy boots.