De Fichier - Episode Three - Future Silhouette LFW

Deyvid Dimitrov
Deyvid Dimitrov
September 22nd, 2023 1 mins to read

De Fichier revealed their newest collection showcasing as part of the official LFW schedule through a presentation inviting their audience to explore, touch and connect with the garments in a fantastic showroom bringing nature from the outdoors to tie the experience together. The collection titled “Episode Three” is a reminder of how young the brand is yet how impressive their journey has been. The inspiration behind this collection is the dual identity of the uniform, which is both contradictory and ironic, as one hand it reveals someone’s social status and embodies their leadership, and on the other - it represents a member of a group who has to submit to social order and power, and this way blend into those groups. 

In a conversation with the brand manager, we discover that De Fichier actually use many different modern techniques and technology to develop their fabrics as well as the structure and even shoes which are 3D printed. In this collection the brand explores the changing attitudes towards futurism and the futuristic as we get closer and closer to the age previously depicted in sci-fi movies. The image built in society’s imagination is subjected to speculation which marks a perspective shift in how people see the future - they’ve built an imaginary world where people "wear silver jumpsuits and enjoy technological brilliance" which becomes different from reality.