Claridge’s, the slightly untraditional hotel Christmas tree tradition

Deyvid Dimitrov
Deyvid Dimitrov
November 26th, 2023 1 mins to read

Claridge’s unveiled this year’s Christmas tree - a sculpture made from Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunks that stands 17 feel tall in the hotel lobby.

This year the hotel invited Louis Vuitton to design their vision of a Christmas tree, previous years, the hotel has seen designs by Jimmy Choo in 2022 resembling a diamond, or the 2021 Dior’s Kim Jones design titled ‘Celestial Snow Globe’.

The sculpture this year is composed of 15 chrome, repurposed trunks that have been stacked to create the silhouette of a traditional Christmas tree, and styled to reflect the Art Deco aesthetic of the hotel.

At the top of the tree is a model of Asnières, the Louis Vuitton family home and atelier in a northern suburb of Paris. Scattered across the silvery trunks and amid the snowy landscape of the tree there are 21 figurines, including one of Father Christmas.

Both the hotel and the brand share a rich history. Established in 1854, they boast strong connections to Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III. Louis Vuitton served as the personal "layetier" to the Empress, responsible for crafting her array of luggage and expertly packing her bags.

The French royal made Claridge’s her winter residence, and she received so many visits from Queen Victoria that the hotel came to be known as the “annex” to Buckingham Palace.