C.R.E.O.L.E. - SS'25 Presentation 'MAGMA 76'

Vincent Frédéric-Colombo presented his new SS25 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. The 18 looks were inspired by a volcano eruption in Guadeloupe in 1976, which led to an 8-month exile on the archipelago, affected 73,000 people whom some nicknamed “the magma”. The show was staged in a tunnel in Paris, and the opening look featured a low-cut asymmetric tank top, paired with a red and white check shirt with boxers on show in the same pattern and bright aquamarine shorts. The model's fingers were covered in makeup representing the idea of ash and tar.

The presentation showcased utilitarian workwear with exaggerated oversized silhouettes, English embroidery and references to the pan-African spirit through a queer lens. The designer said:

“Resilience sometimes opens up paths, especially in the most chaotic moments. ‘MAGMA 76’ highlights a dark, little-known episode in the history of the Guadeloupe archipelago: the eruption of Soufrière in 1976. It was the endless theatre of trauma from the eruption of Mount Pelée and debates of opinions between experts and politicians in the face of a worried and lost population.”

Look 2, 3 and 4 from the collection

His parents experienced the Magma event, which particularly affected the people of Saint-Claude, at the foot of the La Soufrière volcano. Saint-Claude remains Frédéric-Colombo’s family stronghold, where he lived for 17 years. The risks of a natural disaster, the subject of debate between experts and politicians, marked a long period of uncertainty, and little nuggets of inspiration are spread throughout the collection.