Barbicore - A new solo exhibition from Emma Gibbons

Gone Rogue, founded by Kim Shaylor in 2018, is an international art curation and consultancy collective that supports emerging and established artists. Their mission is to champion artists, encourage growth and experimentation, and promote diversity in the art world. With over 50 artists and a track record of successful exhibitions and projects worldwide, Gone Rogue has established itself as a respected art partner, collaborating with renowned brands like McLaren, Sushi Samba, and The Prodigy. They provide comprehensive advisory services, from concept development to artwork commissioning and installation.

One of the standout artists associated with Gone Rogue is Emma Gibbons, whose exceptional success in 2022 with a sell-out solo show in Piccadilly has led to a larger and brighter exhibition at the Gone Rogue Gallery. Her latest exhibition, titled "Barbiecore," celebrates the extravagant legacy of Barbie, inspired by the iconic doll's hues. The exhibition opens three days before London Pride and coincides with the premiere of the Barbie Movie in London, creating a vibrant celebration of all things pink, sparkly, and delightfully camp.

Interestingly, Margot Robbie, the lead actress in the Barbie Movie, is not only a collector but also a fan of Emma Gibbons. Robbie purchased one of Gibbons' earlier Barbie-inspired artworks, which now hangs on the wall of her production company's office. With Robbie's endorsement and Gibbons' iconic art pieces like the Parfum bottles and popsicles on display, the exhibition is highly anticipated. Gibbons' recognizable signature technique involves using hundreds of pill capsules filled with glitter and coloured powder set in resin, arranged into slogans, and poured into perfume bottles. In this exhibition, Gibbons adds dollhouse miniatures and various Barbie doll paraphernalia to the mix. Additionally, limited edition Barbie Parfum artworks, featuring polymer clay hearts and confetti, will be released in May 2023.

ME London Hotel, known for its reputation as a hub for both emerging and established artists, has formed an exceptional partnership with Gone Rogue, resulting in a series of remarkable exhibitions that further enhance the hotel's acclaim. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to experience the camp and captivating "Barbiecore" art exhibition at ME London. The hotel offers more than just accommodation; it is an architectural masterpiece bursting with art, music, design, and fine cuisine. Located in the vibrant Covent Garden district, ME London immerses guests in a lively atmosphere with theaters, pubs, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and live music. It is undoubtedly one of the most energetic and lively places in the world.

Deyvid Dimitrov
London-based content creator and editor of Goldfoil magazine.