A Look Back At Alessandro Michele’s Most Iconic Moments At Gucci As He Steps Down

Just a few weeks ago the Kerring Group sent shockwaves across the entire fashion world, announcing the end of the Alessandro Michele era. To take over his position was recently appointed Sabato De Sarno who has worked in some of the biggest names - Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino.

Alessandro Michele resurrected Gucci and brought back the iconic house to the front pages of every magazine. Establishing connections with Jared Leto and Harry Styles, he acquired a whole new audience and brought back that bourgeois spirit that Gucci was once known for. Today we are looking at some of his most iconic moments at the helm of this fashion powerhouse.

That time he took over Gucci as a creative director and completely redesigned the menswear collection in under a week. You remember those iconic loafers lined with kangaroo fur on the back, worn with a red suit/tracksuit? Yep, those ones were released during that time and it is incredible to think that a designer could come up with such ideas in such a short amount of time.

He pushed fashion fluidity further than most if not any brands out there and really brought back the disco aesthetic in a more twisted modern way.

The Autumn Winter 2018 collection featuring models on the runway carrying their own replica heads - a metaphor for how people construct their identities with the help of machines and other non-natural additions – “we are the Dr Frankenstein of our own lives”.

In 2022 Gucci showed their Gucci Twinsburg Spring Summer 2023 collection featuring identical twins. It is a truly mesmerising spectacle that cannot be described with words and should totally be in your watch later list. The show opens with two runways separated by a curtain, on one side you have a twin walking in an outfit mirrored on the other side by the other twin. At one point the curtain lifts up and this is revealed and it is such an iconic history of fashion moment.

Deyvid Dimitrov
London-based content creator and editor of Goldfoil magazine.